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Welcome to four-season luxury living in the heart of Prince George, British Columbia. With visually stunning lots starting at $125,000, you’re invited to partner with us on an exciting, unique and perfectly located subdivision.

We are extraordinarily proud of the future potential this subdivision has in store and positive impact it will have on the community. Southern sun exposure, magnificent river views, high quality gravel soils, close proximity to downtown and being situated next door to the Edgewood Terrace Elementary School are some of the many impressive characteristics of the Nechako View Subdivision.

We take pride in the various builders and individuals who decide to join us on this subdivision development journey, as it allows them to craft their own housing masterpieces, in accordance to a quality building scheme, in a highly sought-after residential paradise on the Nechako River.

In addition, we are taking an innovate approach to ensure all of our subdivisions builders and partners are highlighted and showcased in our large-scale strategic integrated marketing activities, running in correlation throughout the entire Nechako View Subdivision development phase.We look forward to partnering with you and making history in the City of Prince George.


A showcase of our recent builds

Residential paradise on the Nechako River. The brand new Nechako View Subdivision provides 51 exceptionally desirable lots, many of which are over-sized and contain 80’ frontages with views from the north side of the Nechako River. All lots will be developed by J. A. Brink Investments and pre-excavated to facilitate “walk out” basements. The entire project will have very high design standards with a rigid building scheme, encouraging quality development within the entire subdivision. Subdivision landscaping and perimeter fencing will be included in the lot prices. The Nechako View Subdivision has a total of 23 large pie-shaped cul-de-sac lots. In addition, attributes for all lots include close proximity to downtown Prince George, gravel soils, southern sun exposure, quick river access, wide frontages, a conveniently located elementary school and a large number of desirable cul-de-sacs.


What we offer

We offer our clients innovative options to find or create their dream home. If you choose to construct your home, our Agents will have the ability to leverage the Boardwalk Properties’ network and resources including referrals to an in-house; Plan Designer, Land Developer, Home Builder, Construction Financing Specialist, Architect and Professional Engineer. Build with us Spring 2018!

Pre-Designed Plans

To make your building experience streamlined and cohesive.

Spectacular Views

The ever changing four-seasons of the stunning Nechako River Valley are beautiful to behold.


Subdivision landscaping and perimeter fencing will be included in the lot prices.

Complimentary Foundations

Our goal is to help our builders get off to a great start, which is why we offer complementary foundation digging. This helps our builders save both time and money.

Architectural Advice

Get architectural advice and engineering solutions from one of our many experts in the field making it possible for our clients to create or find their dream home.


We work with the best in the business

With multiple builders already having a presence in the Nechako View Subdivision we have an exclusive list of qualified builders who will work with you on both interior and exterior options ensuring your new home is built on your budget and time all while exceeding your expectations.

Lithium One

Lithium One, Northern British Columbia’s largest fabricator of natural and engineered stones such as granite, marble and quartz. Our skilled and capable team has over 40 years experience in the fabrication industry.

Kaila Quality Homes

Kaila Quality Homes is dedicated to bringing prestigious residential and commercial building that goes above and beyond with every new development.

North Nechako Homes

We at North Nechako Homes are dedicated to building the highest quality, and breath taking beautiful homes for you and your family.

Rise Construction

Rise’s homes have been noted for their attention to detail and their exceptional quality. It is their goal to build homes that fit client’s lifestyles but offer them in a manner pleasing to the most discerning palette.

Hayer Homes Ltd.

Driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture, Hayer Construction Firm has built an extensive portfolio of over 2000 single-family home, town-homes and condominiums that proudly carry the Hayer Tradition.


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